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Tips for Successful Vacuum Packaging

For more usage tips and safety information, please refer to the FoodSaver Reference Guide or visit our website at

Tips on Sealing a Bag

Make sure you’ve securely latched the
appliance lid. When making a bag from a roll, place
bag material on Sealing Strip (I), close lid and make
sure to use the Latch (D) to lock lid. Then press Seal
Button (O).
Prevent moisture or liquid from being pulled into the
Vacuum Channel or trapped in the seal. Either pre-freeze
moist food such as raw meat for 1-2 hours before
vacuum packaging, or place a folded paper towel
between food and end of bag to absorb excess liquids.
Just be sure to leave at least 3 inches between paper
towel and end of bag so that bag seals properly with
paper towel inside.
Make sure you give appliance time to cool down. Wait
at least 20 seconds between seals. Under very heavy
usage, appliance will shut off automatically to prevent
overheating. If it does, wait 20 minutes to allow
appliance to cool off.

Tips on Removing Air from a Bag

Make sure you’ve securely latched the
appliance lid. When vacuuming and sealing a bag or
canister, make sure the Latch (D) is in the locked
Check for wrinkles in the bag along the Sealing Strip.
Wrinkles in seal may cause leakage and allow
air to come back into bag. Check for wrinkles in bag
along Sealing Strip (I) before closing lid and vacuum
packaging. If you find wrinkles after sealing bag, simply
cut bag open and vacuum package again.
If motor runs for more than 30 seconds
without stopping, you may need to adjust bag and try
again. If you are making the initial seal on a piece of
bag material with two open ends, make sure bag is
placed on Sealing Strip. If you are vacuum packaging
with a bag, make sure open end is placed down
inside Vacuum Channel and make sure Accessory
Hose is not attached. If you are vacuum packaging
with an accessory, check Accessory Hose in appliance
lid and in accessory to ensure a tight fit.

Tips on Storage

Always store appliance with the Latch in the unlocked

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V3240 | V3240
Envasadora al vacío
Manual de usuario (PDF)
Peso y dimensiones
Dimensiones (Ancho x Profundidad x Altura)420 x 185 x 215 mm
Peso3400 g
Control de energía
Potencia160 W
Voltaje de entrada AC230 V
Frecuencia de entrada AC50 Hz
Color del productoBlanco
Vacío829 mbar
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