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Thank you for selecting this Yamaha product.

Read this before using the speaker.
To assure the finest performance, please read this manual
carefully. Keep it in a safe place for future reference.
Install the speaker in a cool, dry, clean place - away from
windows, heat sources, sources of excessive vibration,
dust, moisture and cold. Avoid sources of humming
(transformers, motors). To prevent fire or electrical shock,
do not expose the speaker to rain or water.
To prevent the enclosure from warping or discoloring, do not
place the speaker where it will be exposed to direct sunlight
or excessive humidity.
Do not place the following objects on the speaker:
Glass, china, etc.
- If glass etc. falls by vibrations and breaks, it may cause
personal injury.
A burning candle etc.
- If the candle falls by vibrations, it may cause fire and
personal injury.
A vessel with water in it
- If the vessel falls by vibrations and water spills, it may
cause damage to the speaker, and/or you may get an
electric shock.
Do not place the speaker where foreign objects such as
water drips might fall. It might cause a fire, damage to the
speaker, and/or personal injury.
Do not place the speaker where it is liable to be knocked
over or struck by falling objects. Stable placement will also
ensure better sound performance.
Placing the speaker on the same shelf or rack as the
turntable can result in feedback.
Never put a hand or a foreign object into the port located on
the rear of the speaker as this might cause personal injury
and/or damage to the speaker.
When moving the speaker, do not hold the port as it might
cause personal injury and/or damage to the speaker.
Any time you note distortion, reduce the volume control on
your amplifier to a lower setting. Never allow your amplifier
to be driven into “clipping”. Otherwise the speaker may be
When using an amplifier with a rated output power higher
than the nominal input power of the speaker, care should be
taken never to exceed the speaker’s maximum input.
Do not attempt to clean the speaker with chemical solvents
as this might damage the finish. Use a clean, dry cloth.
Do not attempt to modify or fix the speaker. Contact
qualified Yamaha service personnel when any service is
needed. The cabinet should never be opened for any
Secure placement or installation is the owner’s
responsibility. Yamaha shall not be liable for any
accident caused by improper placement or installation
of the speaker.







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Yamaha Soavo-2 especificaciones

A continuación encontrará las especificaciones del producto y las especificaciones del manual del Yamaha Soavo-2.

Marca Yamaha
Modelo Soavo-2 | SOAVO2DBE
Producto Altavoz
EAN 4957812360944
Idioma Español, Inglés
Tipo de archivo Manual de usuario (PDF)
Canales de salida de audio 2.0 canales
Ubicación de altavoz Mesa/estante
Número de dispositivos 2
Tweeter Si
Altavoz Si
Diámetro del tweeter (imperial) 1 "
Diámetro del woofer (imperial) 6.5 "
Número de controladores de tweeter 1
Número de controladores de woofer 1
Tipo de altavoces De 2 vías
Uso recomendado -
Reflejo de bajo Si
Material de la carcasa Madera
Color del producto Marrón
Ampificador No
Potencia estimada RMS 120 W
Rango de frecuencia 45 - 50000 Hz
Obstrucción 6 Ω
Sensibilidad 88 dB
Divisor de frecuencia 3000 Hz
Otras características
Ecualizador -
Peso del dispositivo 19400 g
Puertos e Interfaces
Tecnología de conectividad Alámbrico
Peso y dimensiones
Ancho 220 mm
Profundidad 353 mm
Altura 380 mm
Peso 9700 g
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